Rønneberg, Jens

Male 1904 - 1949  (45 years)


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RøNNEBERG Anna Therese KORTSVOLD Frida Thorsen RøNNEBERG Gyda RøNNEBERG Harald ERDMANN Gottlieb (Broremann) ERDMANN Gudrun Rønneberg KORTEVOLD Tomine ‘Zilla‘ Thorsen ERDMANN Johanna RøNNEBERG Tørres Andersen ERDMANN Eigil ERDMANN Georg Martinius Gottlieb ERDMANN Georg Martinius Gottlieb RøNNEBERG Jens HANSEN Harald Jul RøNNEBERG Anne Therese (Mossi)

Tørres Andersen Rønneberg family

Translation by Sigmund Rønneberg of a postcard with writing and a picture of Gyda Rønneberg/Erdmann and her family.

Here you see a picture made outside the house of Kongsviger where Gyda lives, they have a lovely, big garden and park, house, one cow, two pigs and chickens, a lot of fruit and vegetables. We were all the way up to the fort and looked at the big guns. We drove around a lot in the lovely forest Finnskogen. Here you see Harald, Anna and his three children, Gyda, her husband and their five children.

Greetings mother, (Tomine)

Datecirca 1912
File nameGyda1.jpg
File Size479.08k
Dimensions919 x 974
Linked toFamily: Braut/Bore (F1651); Erdmann, Eigill; Erdmann, Georg Marenius Gottlieb; Erdmann, Georg Marenius Gottlieb; Erdmann, Gottlieb (Broremann); Erdmann, Gudrun Rønneberg; Erdmann, Johanne Birgitte; Hansen, Harald Jul; Kartevold, Thomine "Zilla" Thorsen; Kartsvold, Frida Thorsen; Rønneberg, Anna Therese; Rønneberg, Anne Therese (Mossi); Rønneberg, Gyda Andersen; Rønneberg, Harald; Rønneberg, Jens; Rønneberg, Tørres Andersen

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